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Fix Shared Library Errors On iFolder Client for Linux

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By Aaron Gresko

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Posted: 11 Apr 2005

The issue with shared libraries and the iFolder client is known and documented, but the issue has been raised a couple of times so I thought I would post it here as a tip to give it more publicity.

iFolder Client for Linux installs a few library files in /opt/novell/ifolder/lib. The iFolder Client binary, nif21, is dependent on those library files to run. Depending on the version of the rpm and the method of installation, iFolder Client may not start when launched from the desktop and give an error message when started from the terminal like in Figure 1.

Figure 1: iFolder Client errors because it can't find the shared libraries

The Cause:

The error is caused by two things. First, certain versions of iFolder Client, particularly the version that is available on the default OES Linux web page, the startup script is missing a line that exports the library path to the variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Second the rpm file doesn't correctly run the ldconfig command, which would add the library path to file.

The Solution:

There are two good ways to fix the error. One is to edit the /opt/novell/ifolder/bin/novell-ifolder-client script and add the export line for the library variable, which is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Edit the novell-ifolder-client file

The second way to fix the error is to add the iFolder Client library path to the file using ldconfig. To do so complete the following:

  1. Edit /etc/ and add the path /opt/novell/ifolder/lib to the bottom of the file (above the include statement).
  2. Run ldconfig.

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