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Saved Login Feature in iManager 2.5

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By Jenn Bitondo

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Posted: 20 Apr 2005

What happened to the Saved Login Feature in iManager 2.5?


The short answer... There is no saved login feature due to the fact that this took advantage of the secret store capabilities that were once integrated with iManager 2.02.

Why? iManager does not require an installation int o a specific directory and the secret store capability is not available any longer. With iManager 2.5 you do not have to install iManager into a specific tree. You can run iManager against any tree. You would not be able to get saved logins for a user without logging in somewhere as that user.

Anyway, here is something that you might not know that iManager 2.5 can do as possible workaround. In iManager you can provide a "known url" to the iManager servlet. That url could be defined to go to the iManager homepage and can contain the users name, tree, and password. Then with a browser shortcut the user can be logged into that tree. The following is an example. It is all one URL with no spaces: ;password=mypasswordl&tree=

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