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In the News: Governments starting to replace Microsoft with OpenOffice

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Posted: 22 Jan 2004

Here's some interesting reading about the way governments are looking to reduce their costs by using open-source software. Check out this CNET article.
(Update: Check out More on this Trend below.)

OpenOffice makes government inroads

Matthew Broersma
Special to CNET Dec 18, 2003


Two significant government bodies, the Israel Department of Commerce and the City of Austin, Texas, are moving toward replacing Microsoft Office installations with the productivity suite. This continues a worldwide trend of governments attempting to cut costs with open-source software.

The Department of Commerce has made a strategic decision to reduce government dependency on Microsoft, and is to replace most of its Microsoft Office desktops with OpenOffice, according to a report this week in the Israeli business daily Globes. The software is to run on Windows using IBM hardware, the paper said.

Also this week, the City of Austin said it would migrate several hundred Microsoft Office installations to OpenOffice beginning in January, as part of an ongoing testing program.

Read the complete article here.

More on this Trend

Developing An Open Source Option for NASA Software

Patrick J. Moran
NASA Ames Research Center
April 2003


We present arguments in favor of developing an Open Source option for NASA software; in particular we discuss how Open Source is compatible with NASA's mission. We compare and contrast several of the leading Open Source licenses, and propose one -- the Mozilla license -- for use by NASA. We also address some of the related issues for NASA with respect to Open Source. In particular, we discuss some of the elements in the "External Release of NASA Software" document (NPG 2210.1A) that will likely have to be changed in order to make Open Source a reality within the agency.

Read the complete paper here.

Russell Cohen

I thought that your readers might be interested to learn that the South African government has joined the ranks of public bodies worldwide considering the adoption of open source software (OSS), and have even created a website dedicated to this purpose. Here's the URL:

Open Source Software in Government OSS

OpenSource Software Perspectives for Development

Paul Dravis
The Dravis Group
December 16, 2003

The report intends to assist decision makers, globally, in better understanding Open Source software when assessing this technology option. Presented are initiatives by governments around the world, a selection of private sector uses of Open Source, support by commercial technology providers, a set of case studies in developing countries, along with a brief status of the legal landscape.

Read the complete paper here.

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