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How to Increase your VMware Hard Disk

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By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 3 May 2005


I had an existing VMware image of Novell Linux Desktop (NLD) 9 installed in VMware 5.0. Since I only use it for testing, I made the hard disk around 4 GB in size. I needed to perform a dual boot test, which would require me to install SUSE Linux Professional 9.3. The problem is that 4 GB is not enough space for both operating systems. So the obvious question that I had to ask myself was, "How do I increase the size of the VMware hard disk?"


Cloning the virtual machine (optional)

  • If you want to keep the existing virtual machine configuration then you can make a copy of it by using the new cloning feature that comes with VMware 5. The instruction for this can be found here:

Increasing your VMware hard disk

  • I opened a terminal and changed to the directory where the new clone machine had been created and I executed the following command:
    vmware-vdiskmanager -x sizeGB file.vmdk
  • Example

  • Now you should see that the disk size has changed within VMware.

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