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Posted: 22 Jan 2004

We've had several inquiries from people wanting to put their money where their OpenSource Mouth is. Resisting the impulse to place a PayPal button on our site, we have found a place you will soon be able to go to get involved financially.

The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), of which Novell is an active member, has established an OSDL Linux Legal Defense Fund. The purpose of the fund is as follows:

The Linux Legal Defense Fund was created to defray legal expenses of Linux users who may become involved in litigation with The SCO Group on issues that affect the Linux community and industry. The fund will also cover the legal expenses of Linus Torvalds and OSDL in connection with the pending SCO litigation.

If that sounds like a worthy goal to you, hang tight. The OSDL is currently creating a secure means for individuals to contribute to this fund. Keep your eye on this page for instructions on how to donate to the LLDF. (We'll make sure you know about it when it's up and running...)

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