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Novell Radius not working with NSM

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By Jenn Bitondo

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Posted: 18 May 2005

Novell Security Manager needs Radius to run on 1812 and 1813 (Because they use these ports for their PAP http-authentication.) The Novell Radius default port is 1645. You can change this on the Novell Server by loading the Radius.NLM with the port statement.

EXAMPLE: Load Radius port = 1812

The ports are not changeable on the NSM side only the Novell NetWare side.

Other things you can look at to troubleshoot your Radius:

NTRADPING- This is a freeware utility that will simulated requests that are being forwarded. This is good to check out the NetWare side of Radius.

On the Novell Security Manager you can take a look at some of the logs.

You can track the file /var/log/aua.log (or via the live-log) after setting "debug =1" /etc/wfe/conf/aua_main_config.ini. This can give you some more debug-output to find the cause of the problem.

On first login with the browser for http-access there should be shown an entry in the aua.log. You can also examine the packetfilter.log to see if any packets to the radius-server are dropped.

You can check the live-log "User authentication daemon" to see if the Novell Security Manager sends out any Radius-Requests.

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