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If iManager 2.5 Will not Start, Try This

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By Jenn Bitondo

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Posted: 25 May 2005

If you have upgraded from iManager 2.02 to iManager 2.5 and iManager will not load, here's a tip for you. You may see an error like this:

"There was a problem starting the servlet: /WEB-INF/PortalServlet.Properties"

iManager 2.5 does not use Portal or the PortalServlet.Properties file, but if you some custom NPM's or old NPM updates they want to use the PortalServlet.Properties to load.

What you need to do is search in the tomcat directory for all the files that are iman202* and delete all the files with an NPM extension. You will then need to reinstall iManager 2.5 to get iManager to run.

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