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Accessing Yast2 Modules Directly Though a Terminal

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By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 25 May 2005

Have you ever wondered how to access Yast2 Modules directly without having to go through the several clicks it takes to get there? Well you can launch each module individually though a terminal session or run command.

To start out, let's show you a list of the Yast2 modules. To do this open a terminal, su to root, and type yast2 -l

This will produce a list of modules:

  • answering_machine, autoyast, backup, bootfloppy, bootloader, cdrom, controller, dirinstall, disk, dns, dsl, fax, firewall, groups, host, hwinfo, idedma, inetd, inst_source, isdn, joystick, kerberos-client, keyboard, lan, language, ldap, lvm_config, mail, modem, mouse, nfs, nis, ntp-client, online_update, power-management, powertweak, printer, profile-manager, proxy, remote, restore, routing, runlevel, scanner, security, slp, sound, sw_single, sysconfig, tftp-server, timezone, update, users, vendor, view_anymsg, x11
  • Each of these modules can be called out individually by adding the module name onto the end of the Yast2 command. For example, let's say that you want to access the run level editor. You can simply type in yast2 runlevel and it would bring up the run level editor as seen in the screen shot below.

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