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How do I tell if my multiprocessors are loaded?

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By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 7 Jun 2005


Verify that you have the kernel-smp package installed by opening a terminal and typing the command rpm -qa kernel*. It should have installed by default if this is a multiprocessor machine, or if hyper-threading is turned on.

Now that we have established that the multiprocessor kernel is installed, you can use a program like top to show that the multiprocessors are running. To do this open a terminal and type top. You will notice that under the command column many of the processes have a /0 /1 /2 /3 after them. This represent the different processors that are being used. In this example it shows me as having four processors. In reality I only have two, but I also have hyper-threading turned on, which makes each processor act like four processors.

Another useful command is cat /proc/cpuinfo. This will give you information about each individual processor.

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