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Multiple Profiles for DLU

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By Shaun Pond

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Posted: 9 Jun 2005

Multiple profiles are caused (usually) by keys in HKEY_Current_User being left "open", so that windows cannot close them. Over time, there have been several "culprits" for this problem, sometimes Novell, sometimes other 3rd party software, but even Microsoft have been known to cause this issue.

One reason NAL might cause this is that when NAL uses its service to impersonate a user, it uses Microsoft's API call to close the hive - however, a caching mechanism keeps the root key open, until the call process terminates. And herein lies the problem - the calling process is a service, which doesn't close...

All is not lost, however - Microsoft have provided a service, called UPHCLEAN, which forces these keys to close, thus removing the problem. Checkout Article 837115 in Microsoft's knowledgebase for further explanation and a download of the application. Novell recommends the use of this tool for all ZENworks DLU/Roaming Profile environments.

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