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Remotely imaging a single partition

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By Shaun Pond

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Posted: 13 Jun 2005

For registered workstations, there is an option in ZENworks which allows you, through ConsoleOne, to take an image of a PC on the next boot (this assumes that you either use PXE, or that you have a ZEN Imaging partition on the remote PC)

However, this does not allow you to specify which partitions are to be imaged - you have to image the whole workstation, then use Image Explorer to remove the partitions you don't want. This could take considerable time if it's a large partition, and even more so if you are across a WAN link from the workstation.


The solution is Scripted Imaging, and the other option on that ConsoleOne page -

Inside that Imaging Object, you place a script, similar to this:

IMG MP $PROXYADDR //server/vol1/images/testw2k.zmg x2

note the "x2" to exclude partition 2.

When the workstation next boots into imaging, the script will be executed and assuming your script is correct, an image will be captured.

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