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Installing PatchLink Update Agent with PLDP

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By Andrew Armstrong

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Posted: 22 Jun 2005

Here's how Andrew Armstrong helped one of his clients work around an install error. ( Might be too specific for you to follow exactly, but his experience offers good troubleshooting insight.)

PROBLEM: Patchlink UpdateAgent.msi returns install error 1603 during install associated with Patchlink Distribution Point.

Scenario: Workstations at a remote site are to be configured to receive patches through the Patchlink Distribution Point {PLDP} (a remote proxy server), located at the same site as the workstation. PLDP is configured manually using the installation provided by the Patchlink server. NAL app is configured to provide HOST, SERIAL, and PROXY information to MSI install of the Patchlink Update Agent. Application object is associated with a user object that has Admin rights to the local workstation. During the execution of the Patchlink agent NAL app, NAL returns a 1603 error.

Solution: Typically, the 1603 error is a generic error that mainly reports that a MSI install failed (per MS KB 304888). It is possible to use TID 10061509 to enable MSI logging to get a better picture of what is happening with the MSI. (Info found from TID 10097303).

In this particular case, the customer was using an older version of the Patchlink UpdateAgent.msi (MSI timestamp dated 1/21/2005). Deleting and recreating the Patchlink agent install app with the newest Updateagent.msi (MSI timestamp dated 4/27/05) allowed the customer to install the Patchlink agent without errors.

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