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Removing Large Attachments/Email to Free up Space

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Jason Grindley

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Posted: 14 Jul 2005


Large attachments/email in the archive are consuming most of the allotted space in the user's home directory. The user needed to remove some of the large attachments to free up space.


  1. Go to Tools > Find > Advanced Find.
  2. In the first drop down box select Size from the All Fields... selection.
  3. Set the next button to the greater than symbol (>). If you want to look for messages over a certain size put that value in the next field otherwise leave it blank to include all messages.
  4. Make sure the last button says End unless you want to be more precise in your lookup.
  5. Click OK.
  6. When it brings up the list of emails, look for the Size column header. If you don't see it, right-click on the column headers and choose Size.
  7. This will display the size of each email. To sort these click on the Size column header.

This is similar to the Check Mailbox Size.

Hope this helps.

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