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Solving Zone Problems in DNS

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By Andrew Barnett

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Posted: 7 Jul 2005


I was setting up several new DNS servers. Whenever I would load named.nlm, the following errors would occur:

error zone x.x.IN-ADDR.ARPA/IN: has no NS record


error: zone x.x.IN-ADDR.ARPA/IN: zone is not loaded bad zone.

I was unable to find a TID on this problem.


Here are the steps I followed to solve the problem:

  1. Unload NAMED.NLM on the server.
  2. Go to the DNS/DHCP Console and delete the NS record for the zone in question (this is usually the "@" sign under the zone).
  3. Select Create New Resource Record.
  4. Select NS.
  5. Enter the first DNS server in the DNS Server Domain Name box.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Select the resource record and repeat, adding the remaining DNS servers.
  8. Load NAMED.NLM again and the error no longer occurs.

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