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Correcting an LDAP Version Problem

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By Girish Mutt

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Posted: 30 Jun 2005


This article is intended to solve an issue with eDirectory upgrade on Netware 5.1 SP7: after the upgrade, the LDAP services version is not getting updated. As a result, the installation of products that require a minimum version of LDAP, such as BorderManager, will fail.


Netware 5.1 SP7 by default installs eDirectory 8.0.9 with LDAP services version 3.18.0. BorderManager 3.8 requires eDirectory to be installed as a minimum requirement for installation to proceed. On upgrading eDirectory successfully on the server to version 8.7.3, the LDAP version in nwconfig still shows the older version. This results in NBM installation failing stating that minimum requirement for LDAP not met.

On upgrading eDirectory on Netware 5.1 SP7 to 8.7.3, the LDAP version displayed in NWConfig shows 3.18.0 instead of 87.3.0.

Figure 1 - nwconfig screen showing LDAP version as 3.18.0 instead of 87.3.0

During the NBM3.8 install, the following screen appears, showing the minimum requirements for installation to proceed:

Figure 2 - NBM3.8 installation menu showing LDAP minimum requirement as not being met

Due to this wrong version labeling on LDAP services, the minimum LDAP version requirement for NBM 3.8 will not be met. This causes the installation to fail, displaying the following error message:

Figure 3 - NBM 3.8 installation menu displaying error indicating that all the minimum requirements are not met

This NBM 3.8 installation failure is due to the wrong version labeling of LDAP services component on server, even after successfully upgrading to eDirectory 8.7.3. Even though the LDAP 8.7.3 services component has been installed, the version of LDAP services remains unchanged.


This problem can be resolved by using the following workaround:

1. Create one LDAP.ips file containing these three fields: the ProductRecord reserved word; the name of the module to be modified (existing file has LDAP); and the desired version (the existing file has "87.3.0").

Figure 4 - The LDAP.ips file used for changing the version label of the LDAP services component

2. Copy the file LDAP.ips onto the NetWare server (say, at sys:/tmp). Make sure the directory (tmp) does not contain any other ips file.

3. Launch NWConfig from the NetWare console.

4. Go to View/Modify and Remove Installed Products.

5. Press Insert to specify the path to the LDAP.ips file (such as sys:\tmp

6. Run the file.

7. In NWConfig, verify that the LDAP version has been updated.

Figure 5 - NWConfig screen showing the updated version labeling for LDAP

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