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Unloading / Reloading the eDirectory DirXML Driver

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By Chad Israel

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Posted: 21 Jul 2005


At night we were running CRON jobs to take DIB sets with DSRepair, but often our eDirectory DirXML driver would fail to start the backup when the database was unlocked. So I wrote dirxmlrestart.ncf. It's a simple script to unload and reload DirXML with a time delay. You can put this script in your CRON job after your DSRepair commands.


Here's the sample dirxmlrestart.ncf script:

#set time out to 2 minutes
set command line prompt time out=120
unload dirxml
#wait 120 seconds
#often dirxml does not unload on the first attempt
unload dirxml
#wait 120 seconds
#its best to wait a few minutes before reloading
load dirxml
#set the time out back to default
set command line prompt time out=10

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