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Workarounds for ConsoleOne Templates

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Posted: 2 Aug 2005

A reader asked: "Can I convert an NWAdmin user template into a ConsoleOne template?"

And here are the replies from two of our Forum experts ...

Donald Albury: Any templates created in NWAdmin as Template objects will also be available in ConsoleOne. There have been some issues in the past about creating users in ConsoleOne using templates. Refer to TID 10075451 for the workaround on this issue.

Peter van der Woude: I've seen problems with the creation of home directories with templates that were created in NWAdmin and later used with ConsoleOne. It had something to do with slashes\backslashes and syntax. To solve this, open the template in ConsoleOne, use the browse button to go to the homedir root, and save the template. Now the homedir path is in the right format.

BTW, it is wise to start using ConsoleOne as soon as possible, instead of NWAdmin. Users created with NWadmin will cause major problems when you implement iPrint or other applications that need LDAP authentication. For details on that problem, see TID10088627.

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