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SUSE 9.3, my desktop OS

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Posted: 6 Jul 2005

Venkata Avasarala has posted some experiences using SUSE Linux Professional 9.3. This article can be found on It's a nice read, and quite complimentary to SUSE.


"SUSE 9.3 is the most polished and easy to use release from SUSE. It goes a long way in dispelling the notion that Linux is not ready for the desktop. It is a comprehensive release with enhanced hardware detection and configuration and an exhaustive suite of available applications. The ease of use rivals Windows and in security it is ahead. I would recommend SUSE 9.3 to anyone who, desirous of unshackling themselves from the Windows centric view of the desktop wants to try out Linux. In my humble opinion SUSE 9.3 would provide an enticing and excellent alternative to Windows for the desktop."

Read the entire article here.

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