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BrainStorm Cool Tip: Sending Phone Messages

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By BrainStorm, Inc.

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Posted: 7 Jul 2005

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Are you tired of returning from your lunch break to find your desk buried in sticky notes? By encouraging those around you to use the GroupWise phone message feature you can avoid the clutter and prevent messages from getting lost or misplaced. Follow the directions below to send a phone message:

  1. Select File | New | Phone Message. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P.

  2. The Phone To: dialog will appear. Fill in the fields as labeled, and if you like, add additional information about the message in the text box below.

  3. To change who the message is from, chose from the options displayed by clicking on the From: button.

  4. Like email messages you can adjust priority or classification settings on phone messages. Click on the Send Options tab to do this.

  5. When you are finished, click Send and the message will appear in the recipient's mailbox.

  6. The caller automatically becomes the subject of the message, and the reason for the call is included in the header.

Messages can be stored in the Inbox like emails and kept safe for future reference. You may even want to create a folder specifically for phone messages to keep them separated from emails. You could also set up an automatic filing system for phone messages. Refer to the BrainStorm Cool Tip entitled, Automatically File Items.

Try adding the phone message button to your toolbar. If you need help, refer back to the BrainStorm Cool Tip entitled, Adding a Send/Retrieve Button. The phone message button is under the File category.

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