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Novell Linux Desktop 9 Product Registration

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Joe Harmon

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Posted: 8 Dec 2004

Why should I register?

  • Within the Novell Linux Desktop (NLD) there are basically two types of patches that you can receive. One is Remote Exploits, and the other consists of patches, updates, etc. Everyone has access to the Remote Exploits, but in order for you to receive the patches and updates, you must have a registered activation code. Once your product has been registered you will not only have the ability to receive patches and updates, but we also integrate your eLogin information into our support matrix via eDirectory to give you a better support experience.

How do I register?

  • After purchasing NLD you will receive an email regarding your purchase. Within that email is a section called PRODUCTS ORDERED. It should have a URL in that section. Click on that URL and it will take you to the Novell eLogin page. If you don't have an eLogin account, then you will need to create one by selecting the "Create a Profile" option. Otherwise, put in your eLogin username and password and select login.
  • Once you login, you will be taken to the Registration site. Here you will see your Serial Number for the product as well as its status. Before you go any further, write this serial number down because once you have registered this serial number it will serve as your activation code for receiving updates on the Novell Linux Desktop. **IMPORTANT** This code will not be recognized and you will not be able to receive patches and updates until it is registered. To register the code, simply click on the link labeled "Click to Register".
  • The status should now show as registered and you should now see a link that says "Click for info". Once clicked, this will take you to the Novell Linux Desktop Support Community.
  • The NLD Support Community is your one stop shop for your support needs. Here you can access forums, the knowledge base, tips, white papers, etc., as well as interact with the community in general. You also receive a personalized view showing your profile and products. This is due to your eLogin experience being linked up with the support page.

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