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Moving a GroupWise Database to a New Volume or Server

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By Kiril Stankov

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Posted: 7 Jul 2005

Sometimes you need to move GroupWise to a new volume or server. The entire GroupWise database is files-based and copying all domains and Post Offices preserves the data, but there are many settings to be changed. Here is a list of steps to be performed, which will work for most GroupWise systems.

  1. Make sure you have a good and reliable backup of the existing GroupWise database. A good backup can only be achieved when ALL GroupWise agents are not running.

  2. Prepare the new volume. I recommend NSS, it's faster, can store much more data, has more repair tools and has much faster mount. However, on Netware 6, you may need to adjust some NSS settings. See Novell's knowledge base for details.

  3. Copy (DO NOT MOVE, COPY) the data (Domains, Post Offices Libraries Storage Areas) to the new volume. Preserve the directory structure of course!

    If the volume is on the same server, you may use Toolbox.NLM. Otherwise, use NCOPY. It will save time. If you need to copy via the workstation, use some tool that can verify the copied files, like TotalComannder, for instance.

  4. If you move data between servers, copy all configuration files to the new server's SYS:SYSTEM folder. This are all POA, MTA, WAA (WebAccess) and GWIA.CFG files.

  5. In each of the above files, edit all references to the old paths so they are correct and point to the new locations of Domains, Post Office, Internet Agents, Web Access.

  6. For Web Access, if moving data between server, copy also the SYS:Novell folder, containing configuration for Web Access and Web Publisher.

  7. If moving data between servers, run the GroupWise Setup to Install Agents (POA, MTA, GWIA), but do NOT enter paths and names for Post Offices and Domains - you already have the config and startup files.

  8. Do not start the agents yet.

  9. Open ConsoleOne with GroupWise plugins installed

  10. Set File system rights to the new location, so they are the same as for the original location(s)

  11. Update the UNC path to the Software Distribution Directory in the System Operations submenu.

  12. For each Domain:
    1. In the GroupWise -> Identification form change the UNC path to the Domain.
    2. In the MTA of the Domain, change the IP / DNS of the agent under GroupWise -> Network Address (if moving across servers).
    3. Update the log file path under GroupWise -> Log Settings

  13. For each Post Office
    1. In the GroupWise -> Identification form change the UNC path to the PO.
    2. Update the Network Address and Log locations as for the MTA (see above)

  14. For each GWIA:
    1. Update paths in the Server Directories tab
    2. Update Post Office links, if direct mode is used.
    3. On the GroupWise tab, update the Network Address and Log locations as for the MTA (see above)

  15. For each Web Access:
    1. Update Post Office Links
    2. Update Network Access and Log paths
    3. Verify that all paths are correct in the webacc.cfg file, usually found under SYS:Novell\WebAccess
    4. Verify that all paths are correct in the WEBAC65A.waa file, found under SYS:System

  16. Have a break!

  17. For each Library, edit the path to the Storage Area.

  18. Copy the GRPWISE.NCF file from the old server to the SYS:SYSTEM of the new server

  19. Edit each PostOfficeName.POA file:

    1. Uncomment the /noconfig switch
    2. Uncomment the /user and /password switch and set valid user and password. User must be in FDN format.

  20. On the server load POA for each post office:
    1. Load GWPOA @POName.POA
    2. You will see errors about the Libraries Storage Areas. Hit enter and let it load.
    3. Go to ConsoleOne, right click the Post Office object and Synchronize.
    4. Let the POA run for some time.
    5. Unload the POA.
    6. Comment the 3 switches again.

  21. Configuration. Update all links (paths, DNS/IP Addresses).

  22. Now, cross fingers and run your GRPWISE.NCF. In most cases all should start Ok.

  23. If the web server, running the Web Access application is on a different server, you will need to reinstall it. Run the GroupWise setup. This way links to the Web Access Agent will be updated.

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