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Posted: 12 Jul 2005

Chuck Stevenson, CTO for Gupta Technologies, a provider of embedded relational databases, told LinuxInsider there are three top considerations when choosing any server platform: initial cost, long-term costs/ongoing maintenance, and longevity.


"He said Linux offers some compelling advantages. It tends to run well even on minimally configured hardware, which in business terms means you can leverage your existing hardware investment and get better performance than the currently installed Windows NT operating system."

For example, Stevenson said Linux server operating systems cost less to purchase up front, so this adds to the initial costs savings. Linux has a much better security history than Microsoft and if security is your number one pain point, he added, Linux may be the better choice.

'Linux is particularly suited to specific purpose solutions, such as running a Web server like Apache, or running your firewall software,' Stevenson said."

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