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Posted: 5 Mar 2004

Here's a quick little cheat sheet to tape to your monitor for future reference.


Install: rpm --install <packagefile.rpm>
View all packages: rpm -qa
View single package: rpm -q --info <package name>
Remove: rpm --erase --nodeps --noscripts <package name>


Install: pkgadd -vd <packagefile.pkg>
View all packages: pkginfo
View single package: pkginfo -l <package name>
Remove: pkgrm <package name>


Install: installp -acgXd <packagefile>
View all packages: lslpp -l
View single package: lslpp -la <package name>
Remove: installp -ug <package name>


Install: swinstall -s <packagefile.depot>
View all packages: swlist
View single package: swlist -v <package name>
Remove: swremove -x enforce_dependencies=false <package name>

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