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Keeping an Eye on Tomcat under NetWare

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Dirk Engels

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Posted: 21 Jul 2005

"A cool tip for getting the Tomcat screen loaded."
--Aaron Gresko, Product Specialist

PROBLEM: You do not have a screen to see what the Tomcat is doing.

SOLUTION: You change a line in SYS:Tomcat/4/bin/, and add a line in Sys:system/tcadmup.ncf and Sys:system/tomcat4.ncf -- this will open an extra screen for the Tomcat Admin named "TCAdmin" and the Tomcat4 named "Tomcat4"


  1. Find in SYS:Tomcat/4/bin/ the line
    '$_EXECJAVA="java -nsac ";'
    and change it to
    '$_EXECJAVA="java -nsac ".$ENV{CATALINA_SN};'

  2. Add the following line on the top of Sys:system/tcadmup.ncf
    'setenv CATALINA_SN= -snTCAdmin'

  3. Add the following line to Sys:system/tomcat4.ncf
    'setenv CATALINA_SN= -snTomcat4'
    Important: You need a little time between the start of TCadmin and tomcat4 -- otherwise both screens have the same name.

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