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How to Install NDPS Printers on Windows XP

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By Rick Darter

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Posted: 27 Jul 2005

TID 10065927 incorrectly infers in the "FIX" portion that there is no way for a user (or power user for that matter) to connect to an NDPS printer on XP/2000. It always works on 2000; XP is the problem.

We use ZEN4 and Dynamic Logins to create the local accounts on all our NT (XP/2000) workstations. I simply modified the "Dynamic Local User" under Policies "WinNT-2000-XP" (and WinXP too) I created a custom group (called it NDPS) and added the "privilege" of Load and unload device drivers. Now all my dynamic users can manually add NDPS printers as required.


In ConsoleOne, Open (Double-Click) on the Dynamic User Policy Package. (Mine is called "CAC USERS")

On the "Policies" tab select "WinNT-2000-XP". Ensure "Dynamic Local User" is "Enabled", and then with "Dynamic Local User" selected, click on "Properties".

Ensure you click (check) "Enable Dynamic Local User", then add the appropriate default groups. We use "Power Users". Then click "Custom".

Click "New".

Give the "Custom Group" a name of your choice (I actually used NDPS) and then add the "Load and unload device drivers" to the "Privilege of".

Click OK, OK. Then add the newly created group to the Dynamic Local User.

*Note: I also created and added this same group under the WinXP Dynamic Local User. I followed the exact steps as above. We are running a NetWare 6.0x and 6.5x tree, with ZEN 4b on the servers and on the clients.

We are running NDPS Manager 3.01i and Broker 3.0.9 on a NetWare 6.0 SP5 server. Our desktop clients are a mix of Win 2000 and WinXP. Running a mix NetWare clients from 4.83 to 4.92.

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