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Posted: 2 Apr 2004

Heads Up: The Ximian build system for building and packaging software natively for a variety of platforms and packaging systems, including RPM (Red Hat, etc.), Deb (Debian), and SD (HP-UX) is now available via a GNU General Public License (GPL).

Some of the features of the build system are:

  • Support for producing RPM, Deb, and SD (HP-UX) packages.
  • A testing/package verification framework.
  • Red Carpet integration.
  • Command-line and Web interfaces.
  • Support for remote build scheduling via XML-RPC.
  • Reproducible build environments (chroot jails).
  • Flexible XML package metadata description.

The Ximian Build System (XBS) manages the build process from pulling the source code to deliver through the Red Carpet integration.

XBS can get the source code for its build process from either CVS or its own source repository. Through the use of jails, independent build environments, XBS can build the packages for many distributions on a single Linux-based system.

XBS is built of several separate perl modules that can be extended if needed to add functionality if needed.

These are just the highlights of what XBS can do for you. Check out the Novell Forge project page at

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