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Avoiding LDAP server looping errors

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By Shon Vella

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Posted: 17 Aug 2005


An LDAP server may sometimes cause the DirXML LDAP driver to continually retry. In DSTrace you might see a message similar to this:

Message: Code(-9006) The driver returned a "retry" status indicating that the operation should be retried later. Detail from driver: LDAP server not running, busy, or otherwise unavailable.

In this case the specific error is: (ACF00155 NEW PASSWORD CANNOT BE THE SAME AS CURRENT PASSWORD). The driver will continually retry this operation and negate any further processing, effectively halting the processing.

Here's a solution to this problem from Shon Vella of the Novell Identity Manager Development Team ...


(Note - this solution will work for other looping errors with all DirXML drivers.)

In your driver (in this case the LDAP driver, Publisher Input transformation), create a policy with the following:

if operation equal "status"
and if xpath " @level='retry' and contains(., 'ACF00155') "

do set xml attribute "level", ".", "warning"

This will trap on the error and negate the looping, allowing your driver to continue processing.

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