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Creating a One-stop NAL Applications Folder for your Users

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By Jeremy Scott

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Posted: 27 Jul 2005

PROBLEM: Can't put NAL folder on the desktop - you can only associate it with the start menu. Users complain about a messy desktop with all these NAL applications and want a folder for all the NAL shortcuts to go into instead of wasting time clicking on the start menu :-).

SOLUTION: Associate an application shortcut to the desktop that points to the NAL folder distribution in the Start Menu by using the NAL GUID.


  1. Create the NAL Folder as usual and link it to the Start Menu.
  2. Now create an application object. In my example, "LettersLabelsShortcut".
  3. Change the name of the Application (the name presented to users) to whatever fits "Labels and Letters."
  4. Under Run Options->Application, set the following:
    • Change install only to Path to file:
    • Command is: cmd /c
    • Parameters are: explorer %*USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Letters and Labels.{CF8EF420-3DF3-11d0-AC35-00C04FD9338A}
      Notice the long GUID - this is associated with NAL and should be the same for every folder shortcut you make. Make sure you have the 'period' before the GUID.
  5. Now under Run Options->Environment->Run - Change to Hidden (This keeps the cmd window from popping up briefly).
  6. Now for appearance's sake - go to the icon and change the picture. Find the following file: c:\program files\novell\zenworks\nls\english\nalexprs.dll

    Here are the NAL folder icons - I personally like the one with the Open folder to distinguish it from Applications Explorer.
  7. Finally, associate the icon to the group,user,container, and send it to the desktop.

If you have any questions you may contact Jeremy at

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