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OES Patch Channel Not Present After Activating Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)

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By Aaron Gresko

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Posted: 27 Jul 2005

A recurring issue with Open Enterprise Server (Linux based) involves the oes patch channel on the Novell update server at Users report that after activating OES using rug or Red Carpet, the oes patch channel is not present.

The cause of this problem is the system failing to represent itself as an OES system to the update server. The update server looks for the file /etc/novell-release and checks for the text shown below:

The novell-release file is placed on the system by the oes-release package. The oes-release package is installed when any OES software is installed on the system. If the file is not present, follow the instructions here.

The oes-release package will not be installed if the system is installed as a SLES-only system without the OES component. A SLES-only system is installed when one of the following preconfigured software settings is selected during installation:

  • Minimum system
  • Minimum graphical system (without KDE)
  • Full installation
  • Default system

Customers who have purchased OES but wish to run a SLES-only system without OES components are entitled to update their system. For information on updating a SLES-only system with an OES entitlement, see TID 10098329.

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