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Using CPAU for Admin Logins

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By Kirk Maule

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Posted: 4 Nov 2005


Secure Login 3.51 SP2/3 requires the administrator to log in after installation. There are ways around this using ZENworks. However, I found that RUNAS.EXE was difficult to use, because I had to pipe in the local administrator password with SANUR.EXE, which often failed.


There is a freeware program called CPAU.EXE that works well for this. You can find it at:

The following commands can be used to register various dll's for SecureLogin:
CPAU.EXE -u %COMPUTERNAME%\administrator -p  -ex
"C:\progra~1\novell\securelogin\slbroker.exe /regserver" -profile -wait
CPAU.EXE -u %COMPUTERNAME%\administrator -p  -ex "regsvr32.exe /s
C:\progra~1\novell\securelogin\iesso.dll" -profile -wait
CPAU.EXE -u %COMPUTERNAME%\administrator -p  -ex "regsvr32.exe /s
C:\progra~1\novell\securelogin\slvba.dll" -profile -wait

This next one is only needed if Internet Explorer is using Sun Java VM:

CPAU.EXE -u %COMPUTERNAME%\administrator -p  -ex "rundll32.exe
sljava.dll,Install"  -profile -wait

A DOS box does reveal the admin password, but the commands can be encrypted by CPAU.EXE. The command to encrypt looks like this:

CPAU -u {%{COMPUTERNAME}%}\administrator -p  -ex
"C:\progra~1\novell\securelogin\slbroker.exe /regserver" -file
c:\temp\cpauSlbroker.txt -enc

This allows the COMPUTERNAME variable to used inside the encrypted file. You then copy the encrypted command files down to the PC using NAL.

The following commands are placed in the NAL post-launch script (plus an sljava.dll command if required):

CPAU.EXE -file %TARGET_PATH%\cpauSlbroker.txt -dec -profile -wait
CPAU.EXE -file %TARGET_PATH%\cpauIEsso.txt -dec -profile -wait
CPAU.EXE -file %TARGET_PATH%\cpauSLVBA.txt -dec -profile -wait

Run the NAL as unsecure user, and associated to the user.

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