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Getting an Open Enterprise Server box to Register SLP Services to NetWare SLP DA

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By Curtis Parker

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Updated: 22 Aug 2006

"This is a good document. Configuring SLP on OES to communicate with a NetWare DA is a very common topic in the forums."
--Aaron Gresko, Product Specialist

PROBLEM: OpenSLP on Open Enterprise Server (OES) or SUSE Linux Enterprises Server 9 (SLES9) doesn't seem to work with a NetWare-based SLP DA. When you install OES for Linux and configure it to register its services with a NetWare-based Directory Agent, it will not register any services.

SOLUTION: OpenSLP uses TCP for communication. Novell's SLP uses UDP. Novell clients and NetWare servers typically use UDP for SLP communication. In order to get a SLES9 or OES box to register SLP services to a NetWare SLP DA, you must turn on SLP over TCP on the NetWare server and open the ports on the SLES/OES server's firewall/iptables.

  1. On the NetWare server, apply this setting:
  2. On the Linux server open ports 524 & 427 on the SUSE firewall. This can be done in YaST or by configuring iptables manually. Port 427 allows SLP communication. Port 524 allows other servers and clients to connect to the Linux server.
  3. Edit the /etc/slp.conf file to set the SLPDA ip address and scope. See TID# 10095033 for details.
  4. Restart the SLPD daemon on the linux box by typing (as root)
    /etc/init.d/slpd restart


  1. On your NetWare Directory Agents, type the command:
  2. On the Linux server, edit the /etc/slp.conf file and make sure you have at least the DA address(es) and scopes. For example:

    net.slp.DAAddresses =,
    net.slp.useScopes = YOUR-SCOPE
  3. As root, restart the SLP daemon:
    /etc/init.d/slpd restart
  4. The services should register immediately. Go to the NetWare box and type:
    You should see some services with the Linux server's name. My server registered these services:
    • service:ldap:///
    • service:wbem:
    • service:smb://
    • service:remotedesktop.kde:vnc://
    • service:fish://
    • service:ssh://
    • service:ntp://
  5. Or to display just the SSH service, you could type: DISPLAY SLP SERVICES SSH

If you have any questions you may contact Curtis at cparker[at]


Michael KÖppl: The information is wrong or misleading because with setting the SLP connection protocol to TCP on the NetWare server, all clients connecting to this specific SLP will loose connection.

This extreme effect can bring the network down for the clients.

It is absolutly neccessary to have at least two SLP in the scenario. One for the Linux server registering over TCP, and one connecting to the clients with UDP.

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