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Changing all your Rconag Passwords in One Fell Swoop

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By Tim Hansen

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Posted: 27 Jul 2005

PROBLEM: Remote.NLM's corresponding ldremote.ncf file is server dependent. The same password will encrypt differently on different servers. So when it comes time to change the Remote Console password on all your servers, they all must be visited, if you want them all the same. This is a time-consuming job if you have many servers.

SOLUTION: Rconag6.nlm's password encryption, however, is server independent. This allows you to automate change the rconip password on all your servers. Start by creating a new ldrconag.ncf on one server. Then copy it to sys:system on all your other servers. Now all you have to do is unload rconag6.nlm and run ldrconag.ncf to get them to use the new password. But these two steps can be automated with cron and an additional NCF file.

EXAMPLE: Create an NCF file to unload and reload rconag6.nlm.

  unload rconag6.nlm

Then add a line to all your servers' SYS:ETC\CRONTAB files that executes ResetRcon.NCF early in the morning, like 4 am, a time when you won't normally be connected with rconip or rconj. If CRONTAB's contents are standard across all your servers, simply create a new one and copy it rather than editing on each server.

  0 4 * * *  ResetRcon.NCF

That's it! Now you can change all your rconag6 passwords by creating one ldrconag.ncf file and copying it to all your servers. Note: cron.nlm is loaded by default in autoexec.ncf in NetWare 5.1 or later.

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