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Posted: 8 Sep 2005


I have around 4,000 users in all, split over many OUs. The LDAP configuration uses a search root of the container above all the user OUs.

Searching for users by surname returns results very quickly (typically 2 seconds or so). However, searching by anything else (e.g., by department, clicking on the little spyglass icon, or clicking on the Org Chart tab) results in an extremely long search time, normally around 30 seconds at least.


To ease this performance problem, I did the following two things:

1. I placed a replica set on the server. This brought the previously slow searches down to about 8 seconds. It was still a lot slower than surname and firstname searches, but it was definitely better.

2. I created indexes on the server for the required attributes (department, phone number etc) and this brought the searches down to the same speed as the surname searches.

Now the searches are working great!

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