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Setting Up an eGuide Proxy

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Posted: 24 Aug 2005

A reader asked the following questions about setting up an eGuide proxy user:

"I am walking through the eGuide installation instructions, and I must have missed all the links explaining how to setup the eGuide Proxy user and what rights that user will need. Could someone explain to me exactly how to setup a proxy user to use when on the Authentication Proxy Credentials page of the Quick Setup? I can get the searching to work in the next step if I use the admin object (obviously I don't want to do that, since it says not to do that), but I can't seem to get the rights correct for my eGuideProxy user object I created."

And here are some tips on the subject from Martin McNaught ...

Here are the steps I carried out for this:

1. Create an account called eguideproxy (or whatever). I created mine in the O object, as it will be searching almost all OUs below that. Ensure that you give this account a password.

2. In ConsoleOne or iManager, browse to the highest container object above all the users that you will be searching for (in my case the O object) and edit the trustee assignments of that object.

3. Add the eguideproxy account as a trustee and give it browse rights to All Entries, and read and compare rights to All Attributes. Ensure that you click the inheritable checkbox in both cases. You should also give it read and compare to the CN attribute (again inheritable), which you can do by clicking Add and then Show All Attributes.

Hopefully, you are now able to specify the eguideproxy account in the authentication settings of your LDAP source.

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