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Setting GroupWise as Default Email Client

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By Jimmy Williams

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Posted: 11 Aug 2005


When in an Office application, and File -> Send To -> Mail Recipient (as attachment) is chosen, a window pops up asking the user to select the profile they wish to use. Attempting to select the Default GroupWise profile as the default never "sticks" from one session to the next, forcing users to click OK on Default GroupWise profile at least once a day.

Also, if you attempt to send an email from within an Office application and GroupWise is not already running on the system, GroupWise will not automatically load and will error out instead.


For a Windows XP system:

  1. Click Start -> Run
  2. Type cmd in the Open: field.
  3. From the command-line window type:
    • CD C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 <enter>
    • FIXMAPI.EXE <enter>
    • EXIT <enter>

Note that nothing evident appears to happen when your run fixmapi. You get no message even acknowledging that you have run anything.

I have not tried this with any other version of Windows, but the program can be found in the same location on a Windows 2000 system as well.

More information can be found concerning fixmapi.exe on Microsoft's Knowledgebase, article ID 228457 should you be interested.

It would appear that anytime Windows Messaging is reinstalled, you might have to run fixmapi again, but I have not tested this at the time of this posting.

If anyone knows of any drawbacks to this solution, please fill free to drop me a note.

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