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Reactivating Expired Objects

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Andrew Armstrong

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Posted: 24 Aug 2005


Here is a situation that may occur at your site:

Large number of user objects in a site container are expired, and they need to be reactivated, with a new account expiration set for the coming year. Only the expired accounts are to be selected. ConsoleOne can't be used for this - the Properties of Multiple objects - as the expiration date section is disabled.


This requires using iManager 2.5 (or iManager 2.5 mobile), as there is no way to use ConsoleOne to change the expiration date. Previous versions of iManager do not appear to have the ability to select multiple users using search criteria.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open iManager 2.5 and go to the Modify User link under Roles and Tasks.
  2. Click Advanced Selection and choose the container where the users reside.
  3. Define a filter that searches for the following query: "Login disabled is true". Save the query if you wish to use it again on another container.
  4. Click Preview to view the query results, and then click OK if you like the results.
  5. Modify the expiration date and enable the account.
  6. Be sure to click OK before closing iManager.

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