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Open Enterprise Server Scores High in Clear Choice Test

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Posted: 17 Aug 2005

Check out this great review of Open Enterprise Server 1.0 posted by Tom Henderson in NetWork World.

The review cites the results from the Clear Choice Test they recently conducted, in which they put Open Enterprise Server through a grueling array of tests to measure ease of installation across both kernels, server management capabilities, security, ease of migration, clustering and mirroring speed, and much more.

The result: Open Enterprise Server received 4.25 (of 5) as an overall rating.

Here's what they said:

"Based on our Clear Choice Test of OES, we think it's a major breakthrough in Novell's long-stated intention to marry its directory and administrative applications to Linux. OES layers a highly competitive directory service onto Linux, provides decidedly evolved administrative and management components and offers very good, egalitarian client support."

"With OES, Novell has finally delivered on its basic promise of migrating eDirectory and previously NetWare-based components onto Linux as a fraternal partner. Yet to come are ports to a full 64-bit CPU platform infrastructure. Additional cohesiveness in storage support (back-up snapshots aren't supported in SLES OES, as well as certain types of file attributes, and encryption) will be welcome when they arrive."

Read the entire review, along with background information about their testing procedures, in this article.

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