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How to Passthrough your DLU Credentials to the Member Server

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By Mark Harrison

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Posted: 17 Aug 2005

"Good tip!"
--Kirk Coombs, Product Specialist

ENVIRONMENT: Client 4.90 or higher. NetWare 4.11, 5.1, 6 & 6.5. Windows NT4 Domain and Active Directory member servers running Win2K and 2003.

PROBLEM: You are using DLU and IDM or Account Manager to synchronize passwords but you can't automatically map to resources on your Windows Domain Member servers. The problem is "how to passthrough your DLU credentials to the member server."

SOLUTION: The variable you need to use in conjunction with the "Net Use" command is "%UserName%". If you place a command like the following directly into a login script it fails.

#net use k: \\YourServer\YourShare /user:YourDomain\%UserName%

It's because the Login Script interpretor can't understand "%UserName%". Login does understand "%CN% but "Net Use" does not.

Solution: Create a batch file with the command

"net use k: \\YourServer\YourShare /user:YourDomain\%UserName%"

and call the batch file instead.

The batch file uses the Local Workstation Command Interpretor and executes perfectly.

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