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Upgrading NetWare 6.0 Servers to OES using ZENworks Server Management

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By Martin Irwin

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Updated: 11 Nov 2005

ZENworks 6.5 and 7 Server Management Upgrading and Patching Methodologies

Martin Irwin has graciously provided an updated version of his white paper explaining how to do this with ZENworks 7. Among other things, this paper includes instructions for how to use ZENworks to upgrade to Open Enterprise Server, apply NetWare patches, and a whole raft of other essential tasks.

Here's an excerpt:

This solution utilizes the silent-install abilities of Novell Open Enterprise Server. You will nest variables inside the software package that search and replace variables inside of the silent-install scripts of Open Enterprise Server.

Each of the three text files required for running a silent upgrade of Open Enterprise Server needs to have specific values in place for each server on which it is run. Employ the subscriber's own default variables to place local values in the Open Enterprise Server upgrade scripts and files. All the variables used for this solution are outlined at the end of this section.

This software package is used to employ the silent install capacity of Open Enterprise Server. A full unabridged response file and example IPS and NCF files are found in Appendix A. Here, however, details are provided on the mechanics of the package and on how to manipulate the upgrade script variables that Open Enterprise Server will use to upgrade itself.

With this solution, you will need to modify, compile and test the software package using your own variables. Because this requires marrying two sets of variables and technologies, the recommended steps are listed in detail below.

Before you begin, you need to decide how to deliver the installation files to each server. This can be done using a plain ZENworks Server Management file distribution, which is recommended for two reasons:

  • The files can be compiled into the compiled package and distributed at the same time, but the compilation takes some time and the compiled package file ends up being 1 GB in size.
  • Deploying the files manually allows for easier troubleshooting as you can separate the mechanics of Open Enterprise Server installation from the software package processing.

ZENworks 6.5 Download the white paper.

ZENworks 7 Download the white paper.

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