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Translating Codes, Times, and IP Addresses

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Posted: 31 Aug 2005


"iManager does a pretty good job of translating actual EventID codes into meaningful statements. However, I want to query the log table directly through the MySQL Command Center.

Where can I find a compiled list of EventIDs and their corresponding definitions? (Any help on translating Unix Time and IP Address would be cool, too!)"


Here are some Event ID lists:


File System


Note that the event IDs in these lists are shown as hex, while the Audit system stores the values as decimal.

As for translating the times, there is a Cool Solutions article:

I can't point to samples for the IP address, though. It is stored in decimal form. If you convert it to hex, split the four pairs, then convert each back to decimal with a dot between them, you will get the familiar 123.0.0.x format.

For the IP on MySQL, use this fuction:

For timestamps on MySQL, use this fuction:

So an example would go something like this:

select INET_NTOA(ServerIP), FROM_UNIXTIME(clienttimestamp), text1, value1 from log;

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