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GroupWise PDA Connect Tool

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Ruud van der Zwet

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Posted: 23 Aug 2005

With GroupWise 6.5 SP3 or later, you can use the GroupWise PDA Connect Tool to synchronize your Palm or PocketPC PDA with your GroupWise mailbox.

During installation you choose Palm and/or PocketPC. The GroupWise PDA Connect Tool works together with Hotsync (Palm) or ActiveSync (PocketPC).

Mail, Contacts and Calendar are synchronized in the right way and placed in the right views, but if you want Tasks and Notes in separate folders you will have to make some changes.

  1. Create two Folders

  2. Right click on your mailbox-name and select New Folder > Find Results Folder > Predefined Find Results Folder > Task List.

  3. Create a Custom Find Result Folder and name it Notes.

  4. In the Display properties select only Posted and Mail.

  5. At last in your Mailbox Folder properties remove Posted. Now your posted Notes will not be displayed in your Mailbox Folder anymore.

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