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GroupWise in the Legal World: Organizing Legal Case Calendars using GroupWise

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By Denney Fifield

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Updated: 30 Aug 2005

We are a complex commercial litigation law firm and we had a problem keeping schedules current based on case number. Our attorneys and secretaries needed to be able to see the schedules for hearings, depositions and other key elements of that case but they did not want to enter all of it into their personal calendars, due to the vast amount of information.

I looked at various solutions. For example, we tried sharing a folder with a Calendar view from one secretary's GroupWise account. That worked until the secretary quit and we eliminated her account.


Here's the solution we finally devised.

  1. We created a GroupWise resource in ConsoleOne and named it the case number.
    We named it the case number because it is a unique number already and it is easily identifible to all working on that case.

  2. Once the resource was created, I went in and created a folder in the cabinet named "XYZ Case Calendar," and then created two rules.

    • One rule accepted all appointments, reminder notes and tasks where there wasn't a conflict so that the resource could be utilized through group appointments.
    • The second rule is to link the calendar with the folder I created in the cabinet. I set this rule up by selecting new appointment, reminder notes and tasks and then choosing the link option.

  3. Once I verified they were working correctly, I shared that folder with the case team and gave them all rights in that folder.

This solution works great for our law firm and helps us keep our schedules running smoothly.

If you have any questions you may contact Denney at

OPEN CALL: Got any other nifty tricks for law offices? Fire when ready!


Colin Bretagne

We already use this for our various departments and we make the secretary the owner of the resource. Important to note that the secretary can proxy into the resource and give all the relevant users proxy access to this resource so they can change and reschedule appointments themselves.

It's also not necessary to have two rules. You can combine them into one easy rule.

It works great though!

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