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Printing More than 30 Pages via NDPS

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By Royce L. Robinson

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Posted: 24 Aug 2005

"Good workaround to an annoying bug."
--Kirk Coombs, Product Specialist

PROBLEM: After upgrading our server from 6.0 sp3 to 6.5 sp3, our NDPS printers would not print jobs with more than 30 pages. Jobs were merely dropped. Some HP printers were reporting MIO errors (others not).

SOLUTION: Found a TID referring to dot matrix printers having this same problem. "NDPS printing doesn't print out the complete job to a Dot matrix printer. - TID10058483" on Google Search. On the HP Gateway for our printers, we changed the "Timeout to close job (in secs.)" from the default of 50 to 500. Printing 30 or more pages is now possible.

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