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Installing eDirectory on SUSE Linux

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By Avtar Gill

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Posted: 31 Aug 2005


"I'm trying to install eDirectory on SUSE Linux (both current versions downloaded from Novell website). I'm uing a document from the following link: It's pretty easy to follow, but when I try to install eDirectory, it says that port 639 is in use.

When installing eDirectory, I get a the following messages:

Successfully configured NMAS service
Could not connect to linux
Please ensure that Novell eDirectory Server is running on linux
Unable to configure LDAP Server with default SSL CertificateDNS

Also, when installing eDirectory, should LDAP be running or not? I'm trying to keep this install as simple as possible so I can install GroupWise for evaluation."

And here's the response from Forum participant Avtar Gill ...


Find out what is using that port first. You can use software like lsof to do that. While you're testing stuff, I would keep SSL (port 636 - LDAPS) out of the picture, at least for initial testing anyway. Port 389 is what you want right now.

Here are some steps to follow for the basic installation:

1. Install the Sun Java 1.4.2 JRE - the self-extracting package for Linux. You can find this at:

2. Append the following line to /etc/profile:

export C1_JRE_HOME=/opt/j2re1.4.2_08

3. Install ConsoleOne. Don't install the bundled JRE.

4. Install eDirectory. You don't need to have the license file on a floppy, and you don't have to manually install the two components one at a time. Do it all in one shot:

sudo ./nds-install -c server -c admutils -n /path/to/license

4. Set up your initial tree. See:

5. Install GroupWise. See:

You will need the Openmotif package if you want to view the agents' graphical interfaces.

It would be in your best interest to go through this documentation as well:

Pre-installation: Post-installation:

Note that eDirectory offers an LDAP implementation. Having another one running on the same server while you're installing eDirectory would be redundant.

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