Restoring PO and Domain after a Disk Crash

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By Sandro Belotti de Freitas

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Posted: 30 Aug 2005

Restoring PO and Domain after a Disk Crash Sandro Belotti

PROBLEM: Unable to restore PO and Domain using GWTSA to a new volume, for example, after a disk crash. The GWTSA loads with a wrong target --
"1[TMP]Domain: and 1[TMP]PO:"

The correct target is "1[DOM]Domain: and 1[PO]PO:".


  1. Create the tree from root of file system until the root of PO and Domain.
    Ex.: vol:gw\po\ - vol:gw\Domain\.
  2. Copy the root of any other domain and PO to these respective directories.
  3. Unload and load the GWTSA (don't forget about the parameter /home in gwtsa.ncf; it needs to point to the correct path).
  4. Start the restore with the Overwrite all Files option enabled.

If you have any questions you may contact Sandro at sandro@makro.com.br

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