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OPEN CALL: Adding a Note to One of the Auto-date Appointments

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Updated: 4 Jan 2006

Claudia M. wrote: I am frustrated by the Auto-Date feature. I enjoy setting the dates for year's meetings through AutoDate, but when I want to add a note in the message field for a particular meeting date, it copies out to all meetings. Is there a way around this problem?

OPEN CALL: Anyone have any ideas for Claudia? Let us know. We're stumped.


Rob Brown

There are several details of what Claudia has tried and how she was adding notes.

I am going on a couple of assumptions:

  1. She was the originator of the appointments
  2. The notes are for all attendees
  3. She is using GW 6.5 (at least I am and this works).

I created an appointment using auto-date and sent it to a couple of users. I accepted the appointment in all calendars, then I opened my calendar in month view, right clicked on one single appointment in the group and selected "Resend". I was then prompted if I wanted to resend All Instances, This Instance, or Cancel. I choose This Instance. Then I added my notes to the message box, clicked on send. I was then asked if I wanted to retract the original, and I choose Yes.

The other users had to re-accept the appointment, but the original was removed from everyone and the new appointment with the notes.

It did 'break' the connection between this appointment and the others in the auto-send group, but this should not be a big problem.

Daniel O'Neill

To add notes or messages to an auto-date appointment, first set up all your appointments and then double-click on the appointment that you would like to change. Put your notes in and then the option to make the change to "this instance" or " all instances" is available. Since you clicked on the specific occurrence that you want to edit, click "this instance" and you are done. No changes will be made to other appointments.

Paul Caron

Schedule the re-occurring appointments the way you normally would. Then for each individual appointment that you wish to annotate, perform a resend on that appointment. Make your changes and select Send. You will get prompted if you wish to change all appointments or just this one - choose just this one.

Joanne Anton

This isn't a solution but more of a "punt" position. I'm not a techie, but I teach GW at the City of Seattle.

I enter the desired note to the TASKS field on the day in question and indicate it's a NOTE for the day's meeting.

Like I said, not a solution, but it works!

Colleen Hernandez

I went in and created a recurring meeting on my calendar for 12 months. (Every Monday at 7:30) Went just to the day I wanted to add a note in the message field and placed it there. Checked the other days and it didn't show up on any one of the other meetings.

Brian Robertson

I see two possible solutions depending if the orginal appointment was a personal, posted appointment or if the orginal was a received appointment.

Personal, Posted Appointment: Open a single instance of the Appointment. Add text to the message box. Post the edited Appointment. GW should prompt you to change "This instance" or "All instances". Choose "This instance". Only the current Appointment is changed.

An Appointment received from someone else (even if the other person is you): Open the single instance of the Appointment. Click the Delegate button. When prompted, choose "This instance". Delegate the appointment to yourself by placing your own name in the "To" box. Add text to the message box and Send the appointment. When prompted, delete the original if you don't want two copies of the original appointment, one with the edited message and one without. Open the delegated appointment and accept it with the new text in the message box.

Linda Hazard House

To single out and separate a select date from a set of recurring dates in an appointment, change its item type from appointment to appointment. Try the following:

  1. In GroupWise Calendar, go to the date of the appointment you want to handle differently from the appointment's other recurring dates and open the appointment.
  2. Go to the Edit drop-down menu, click on Change to...
  3. As you move the cursor over More..., the heading at the top of the window changes to: Switch the current view and its contents to a selected view. Click on More... and select Appointment (either Group or Posted - NOTE: You can specify the same item type as the original appointment.)

The new form opens up as an independent appointment with the time and date from the original recurring appointment. The independent appointment allows for editing. You can then reschedule that particular appointment for another date and/or time. You can change the message or add an attachment to that particular appointment. Whatever you do will remain with that revised appointment date only and will not affect any of the other appointments scheduled through the original appointment sent with recurring dates.

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