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Tip to fix the NDSSetupClientTable Error

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By Lynley Agsam

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Posted: 29 Aug 2005


NDSSetupClientTable <das.***> failed, no such entry <601> error when connecting to RADIUS.

RADIUS was installed on a NetWare 6 SP5 as part of the NMAS installation required for iChain 2.3.

The NMAS installation installed RADIUS.NLM ver4.15 04/16/2003 and BAUTHPXY.NLM ver 1.10 09/07/2001.


Replaced the BAUTHPXY.NLM ver 1.10 09/07/2001 with the BAUTHPXY.NLM from the NMAS patch nmas11201a.exe.

The version of the BAUTHPXY.NLM from this patch is the same but the date is 11/27/2001.

This has resolved the NDSSetupClientTable error.

I did not replace the RADIUS.nlm.

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