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Moving BorderManager Servers

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Craig Johnson

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Updated: 31 Aug 2005


"We currently have five NetWare 5.1 sp7 servers running eDir, with one of them being an NBM server. Our tree looks like this (BM is in a different OU due to a tree merge years back):

     -Server1, Server2, Server3, Server4

We are in the process of upgrading all of our NW 5.1 sp7 servers to NW 6.5 sp3. Because of our MLA license, we would like to have all servers under one OU (which will contain the MLA license).

Should I move the server to another context, or should I make the BM container a separate partition and move the entire partition under the Servers container (i.e, BorderManager.Servers)?"

And here's the reply from BorderManager expert Craig Johnson ...


I do something like this about once a month these days. I find it pretty easy to just move the server.

In general, I do this:

  1. Move every object related to the server that can be moved. Basically, try to move anything with the server name in it.
  2. Anything that won't move, delete or recreate it.
  3. Back up the filters.cfg file.
  4. Delete the objects in the NBMRuleContainer, then delete the NBMRuleContainer.
  5. With the server moved, recreate the NBMRuleContainer with the LOAD SCHEXT <admin> <password> technique.
  6. Perform a filtsrv migrate process to recreate the filters in NDS, from the filters.cfg backup file.

This has worked well for me, with dedicated BMgr servers.

Note: This technique works for dedicated BorderManager servers. When more than BorderManager is installed on a server, there can be many more NDS objects that have to be moved or recreated, making the job of moving the server to another OU a lot more difficult.

Also, the following Cool Solutions article may help in the cleanup, once you have taken the backup of the configuration and ACL rules:

You can find additional useful tips on BorderManager at Craig Johnson's web site. See:

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