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Ensuring that the PatchLink Server Detects the Machine

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By Ryan Kelly

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Posted: 7 Sep 2005

"There are many reasons why you might get "Detection Results Not Found"; always good to have one more thing to try."
--Shaun Pond, ZENworks Product Specialist

PROBLEM: PatchLink server reporting "Detection Results Not Found" after installing the agent on a machine.

SOLUTION: I created an ZEN application that calls
C:\program files\patchlink\update agent\dagent.exe
to be run after the initial agent install. I chained the application to be dependent on the Agent Install app. Some other properties I checked were to wait on force run and the force run order to be 1. This app will wait on the agent to finish installing, then run the detection agent. I also put a parameter of /l debug.log to make sure that there is a log file created with debug options.

This application insures that the machine runs a scan of the machine and reports back to the PatchLink Server.

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