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Changing a Simple Password on Windows, via CIFS

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Donald Lohr

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Posted: 15 Sep 2005


As I was doing some NFAP research, I read the "Understanding Synchronization of NetWare Passwords and Simple Passwords" ( document. On page 30 it states the following:

"Native File Access for Windows (CIFS) software allows users to change their own passwords from a client workstation. Of course, this applies only when Local authentication is being used because the Domain authentication method does not use simple passwords."

But the documentation did not indicate how one would change the SIMPLE password from a Windows computer.


A colleague of mine passed along the following, as one example of how to solve this. The environment is WindowsXP Professional (fully patched), with Novell NetWare 6.5 (SP3) and eDirectory

1. On a WindowsXP computer that does not have the Novell Client installed, use CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up the Windows Security box.

2. Choose the "Change Password" button and verify and or fill in the following:

  • User name: "Your eDirectory userID"
  • Log on to: Blank-out the local computer name and enter the IP/DNS address of the NETBIOS name of the CIFS server
  • Old Password: Enter current SIMPLE password
  • New Password: Enter new SIMPLE password
  • Confirm New Password: Enter new SIMPLE password again

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